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By checking this box, I agree that I will use ELF/sELF in compliance with the law, including copyright law, and with the Policy on Responsible Use of University Computing Resources.


No Registration is needed for members of Rockefeller University. You can login with your University E-mail username and your E-mail password.

Transfer Files

Any RU User can transfer large files specified for up to 10 recipients with a valid Email address and a standard Web Browser. Each recipient simply receives an Email with a link to download the file you have uploaded. The link to download the file expires based on a time that you specify in hours(1-720).

Request an Account

Any RU User can request a Login account for Non-RU Users who can upload files to be accessed by the requesting RU User. The login account is valid for 5 days and the Non-RU User can upload up to 10 files or a combined size of 25 GB.

Lost Your Password?

If you lost your password, contact the Information Technology Help Desk at or x8940.

Guest Login Accounts

If you were assigned a Temporary Login Account from a Rockefeller University User, Login here.

Note: Mac users should use Firefox or Internet Explorer to transfer files with ELF. Users may experience problems in using Safari.

If you need assistance, contact the Information Technology Help Desk at or x8940.

Sensitive Data

Sensitive data such as passwords, social security numbers, credit card numbers, pin numbers, and drivers license numbers should not be sent through ELF. If you must send sensitive data over the Internet, you must send it using a secure and encrypted method. Use secure ELF to transmit sensitive data. Please note there is a 500 MB file size limit with secure ELF.